Questions and travel guidance

Everything you need to know about travelling with us

Check out the frequently asked questions that our clients make on a daily basis and get a better understanding of the service you will be receiving when you decide to book a transfer with us.

When do you tell me my pickup time?

At 18:00 French time, the day before you travel, an SMS will be sent to your mobile telephone number. It will confirm the pick-up time, along with the driver's name and contact number. If you have not received an SMS, please contact the Haute Transfer office on +33 (0)4 80 80 61 88 to confirm your pick-up time.

What happens when I arrive at the airport?

Your Haute Transfer driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area, on the Swiss (international) side of Geneva airport. Your transfer driver will wait directly opposite the arrivals hall exit, as you come through from baggage reclaim, by the airport information desk, holding a welcome board with Haute Transfer and your transfer-group leader's name written on it. For other airports the driver will wait directly opposite the arrivals hall exit.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled please let our office know as soon as you know the details and we will schedule you on the next available transfer.

What if I need to change my booking?

Please contact the office as soon as possible by email on quoting your booking reference number.

How long is a Geneva to Chamonix transfer?

Depending on road and traffic conditions, transfer times normally take 65 minutes to 75 minutes between Geneva and Chamonix town centre.

Do you provide child seats?

We can provide backwards facing baby seats, forward facing child seats or booster seats free of charge. Please let us know the ages of any children under 10 years old.

Can I take my baby on my lap?

No. In accordance with the law, which has arisen to protect passengers and babies in the event of accident, children must be carried in authorised child restraint seats. You must therefore purchase a seat for your baby or child, no matter what age.

Can I bring skis or a bike?

Skis and bikes are transported free. Please let us know if you are bringing anything larger or bigger than 1 suitcase/hold bag and 1 carry on bag per person.